Frequently Asked Questions

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    What do I get when I sign up?

    After registering your invocation name a customized voice application will be certified and published to both Amazon and Google. 

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    How long does it take to register a name?

    Our Fast Pass Certification Process allows you to deploy your application in days, not months. The certification process time can vary depending on the vendor's review process. If there are any issues with certification a support team member will contact you. It's that simple.

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    Why do I need to sign up?

    While Amazon does allow duplicate skill names, Google does not. As a result it is important to register your name with Google as soon as possible in order to use the same name for both voice applications.

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    Can I change my voice name later? 

    once your voice applications are certified and published the name cannot be changed. You will need to register a new name. You will need to pay the fee for certification of the new name. We will pro-rate a refund for the previous voice applications.

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    How do I pick a name?

    Picking a name is as simple as using our search bar to find out whats available and what works best for you. If you need help, be sure to reach out to us. 

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    What do I have to host? or Do I need to host anything

    No. The entirety of the platform is hosted by BIG and is included in the overall price for registration.

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    How does it work?

    Once you have registered and provided payment, one of our implementation specialists will gather information from around your website to craft an assortment of questions and answers that we recommend you include in your voice applications. These will be provided to you for review prior to certification. Feel free to make modifications within 2 weeks. When the voice apps are complete they will be submitted to Amazon and Google for certification. Once approved the Alexa Skill and Google Action will be available in their respective marketplaces.

    A special note for Google Actions. Most voice apps submitted to Google will require a verification step. This enables BIG to use your URL, branded name and logo on your behalf. You may be required to log in to approve that use upon request from Google. This generally comes in the form of an email sent to the administrator of your Google Search Console.

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    Can I do this myself?

    BIG's award winning platform approach to voice applications means that even with two or more voice applications across services like Alexa and Google Assistant, all of your updates and maintenance is done in one place. This reduces redundant silos of data to keep aligned.

    Additionally, BIG has put hundreds of thousands of dollars into building the only all-in-one solution for financial voice deployment. Our established relationships with Amazon and Google have significantly cut down on delays caused by verification and other hurdles that come with this process.